God of War: Erste Tests zur PC-Version sind da

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Kurz vor dem Release sind die ersten Tests zu God of War für PC live gegangen. Auf Metacritic liegt die Durchschnittswertung von God of War auf PC derzeit bei 93 Prozent.

Kurz vor dem Release am 14. Januar haben erste Magazine ihre Reviews und Wertungen zur PC-Umsetzung des ehemaligen PS4-Exklusivspiels veröffentlicht. Damit ihr den Überblick im Review-Dschungel nicht verliert, findet ihr nachfolgend eine Übersicht der Tests und Fazits der internationalen Magazine.

  • Game Rant – 100
    There is no question that God of War is an exceptional game. But the magic on display with the PC port pushes an already tremendous game to new heights and offers some key features that will help it run well on a variety of modern machines. At this point, if gamers have the means to play God of War they should, and even if it’s a replay of the PC version is still well worth checking out.
  • Jeuxvideo – 100
    Kratos slices, cuts, but above all strikes in the heart of the player. By turns fierce, contemplative, moving and funny, God of War redefines the eponymous series without refuting its past to which it is intimately linked by its history
  • Gaming Age – 100
    God of War was a masterpiece when it was released and raised the bar for what a game like it could be. It is one of the best games of that generation and sits somewhere in my top 10-20 best games of all time. This new PC port fires on all cylinders and elevates this already great game to further greatness. I experienced no issues with my entire playthrough, the game never crashed, I did not find any bugs or glitches, and the performance was always exactly what I expected out of the systems I played on. I cannot recommend both the game and the PC port highly enough.
  • Eurogamer Italy – 100
    God of War is a masterpiece of storytelling, action and visual art style. Now that it is empowered by modern graphic cards (with fully customizable settings) for the joy of all PC users, there is literally no excuse not to play this title.
  • VGC – 100
    God of War on PC is the definitive way to play an absolutely essential game. It’s never looked better, bringing into sharp relief an art style that’s colourful, brutal and incredibly inventive with practically faultless performance, even on a machine that isn’t at the absolute bleeding edge of PC technology.
  • Windows Central – 100
    You already know God of War is hailed as a masterpiece, with top-shelf acting and writing, next-level art direction, and varied and satisfying combat. A question emerges of any console to PC port: Is it faithful to the platform? That answer is a resounding yes.
  • COGconnected – 95
    If you don’t own any PlayStation consoles and this is your first chance to play God of War, then this is your call to action. It’s worth it: there’s a reason everyone was obsessed with this game. God of War lives up to the hype, and it hasn’t aged since its release. All the reasons God of War was so good the first time around haven’t gone anywhere. I’m glad Sony Santa Monica released God of War on PC. The more people who can play God of War, the better.
  • Worth Playing – 90
    The parts that comprise God of War may not all be equally well-crafted, but they build a great cohesive experience and a noteworthy PC port. The soundtrack, visuals, story, combat, and the world come together so well that it amounts to something greater than the sum of its parts, and that is still true on PC almost four years removed from its original release on a last-gen console. That’s all you need to know, so go and finally experience this gem for yourself.
  • Gamespot – 90
    God of War isn’t drastically different on PC when compared to the PS4 version that launched back in 2018, but its little improvements are definitely nice ones, making this a solid PC port overall. There isn’t reason enough here to buy a second copy of the game if you’ve already played, necessarily, but the PC version is a great reason to check out God of War for the first time for anybody who hasn’t had a chance to experience it. God of War remains an excellent, gorgeous, affecting action game, and with the port to PC, it gets a handful of nice, if somewhat minor, improvements.
  • PC Gamer – 90
    The best game on PS4 is now one of the best games on PC.
  • TheSixthAxis – 80
  • God of War is a great port of one of the PlayStation 4’s biggest games. PC gamers have all of the graphics options they could really want, and the game’s origins mean that even fairly modest gaming PCs can push for high frame rates and resolutions. If you’ve not already played the game on PlayStation, this is a great chance to catch up ahead of Ragnarok’s highly anticipated release.
  • Siliconera – 70
    Overall, God of War feels like a game made with a specific audience in mind, and I don’t fall into its parameters. Regardless though, the God of War PC port holds up well, gameplay remains similar, and it can be accessible to people with a variety of rigs. For that reason alone, it may be worth a shot.

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