Age of Empires 4: So bewertet die internationale Presse die Echtzeitstrategie

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Die ersten Tests zu Age of Empires 4 sind online. Um den Überblick nicht zu verlieren, haben wir die Wertungen und Fazits der internationalen Presse zuzsammengefasst. 

Kurz vor dem Release sind die ersten Tests zu Age of Empires 4 online gegangen. Damit ihr euch nicht im Review-Dschungel verirrt, haben die Kollegen von PC Games die Wertungen und Fazits der internationalen Presse zusammengefasst. Auf der Webseite Metacritic wurden aktuell 34 Tests eingereicht – die Durchschnittswertung liegt dabei bei 84 Prozent.

Der Release des neuen PC-RTS erfolgt am 28. Oktober.

  • – ohne Wertung
    So muss Geschichte sein! Die Kampagne von Age of Empires 4 vollbringt das Kunststück, uns in abwechslungsreichen Einsätzen historisches Wissen zu vermitteln – und zwar auf eine Art, die richtig Spaß macht. Auch das Gameplay überzeugt uns. Missionen, Steuerung, Basisbau: Es gibt viel zu loben!
  • CQMagazine – 100
    Age of Empires 4 is a bold and ambitious evolution of the series, and quite likely one of the best RTS games ever made.
  • GamesRadar+ – 100
    A triumphant return for the strategy series, and well worth the waitAusGamers – 95
    Age of Empires IV isn’t something strictly for fans, there’s no accrued history you need to know before jumping in. It does however feel like a natural extension of Age of Empires II’s brilliance — and for that does feel like the return of something great. What you’ve got here is a modern progression of the age-old, well, Age of Empires formula with all of the style and depth you could hope for. As a foundation for more campaigns, more maps, and more of everything to come it’s exciting. The documentary approach to the four campaigns on offer is not only a winner, but a confident step forward for the series. Historical warfare with an eye toward the educational. Age of Empires IV is not only one of the very best slices of real-time strategy gaming, period, it’s a candidate for best game of 2021.
  • IGN Spanien – 95
    A few months ago, Humankind was presented as a candidate to become the benchmark of turn-based strategy for the next few years. Now, with a similar love for the story, but with a different tone, Age of Empires IV arrives to reposition the franchise in the Olympus of RTS. A title that knows how to pick up and update the essence of the saga, and that is the basis of a resurgence that seems to have a long life ahead of it. If you like the genre, clear your diaries.
  • Wccftech – 90
    Age of Empires IV is, in almost every way, a true sequel to Age of Empires II. It plays great and has a few new features that add more tactical elements to combat and how you develop your faction. On factions, it truly allows them to differentiate themselves from each other. There are slight issues, such as the population cap that feels very restrictive and the lower-quality of unit models, but these are minor in what is an otherwise outstanding game, and one where an undeniable amount of effort and work has gone into – which includes hours of documentary-style clips to support the campaign.
  • Hobby Consolas – 89
    Age of Empires IV makes a safe bet putting all in on series‘ classic gameplay, with some new things here and there, but not risking a cent. If you’re an all time fan of AoE you’ll enjoy it for sure, but if you were one of those waiting for a revolution on the series, or at least a step forward, here you won’t find it.
  • Vandal – 85
    Age of Empires 4 is a great strategy game that modernizes the formula of the series and that is tremendously fun, although it does not manage to shine as much as its predecessors.
  • COGconnected – 84
    Despite the fact that it’s looking in the rearview mirror at least as much as it’s looking forward, there’s no denying that Age of Empires IV captures the addictive gameplay and mechanical accessibility of the earlier games in the franchise. It looks great, if not entirely new, and the flow of building, combat, research, and resource management is enjoyable as always. The documentary-style campaigns are engaging and immersive. What holds Age of Empires IV at arm’s length from masterpiece status is its determination not to rock the boat, its slightly underwhelming feature set at launch, and some very minor annoyances from previous titles that really should be a thing of the past. Will I be digging deep into Age of Empires IV? Absolutely.
  • Stevior – 80
    The strategic polish of two decades is on display in Age of Empires 4, both in the history of this series and the pedigree of the developer. Relic has wrapped an interesting if slightly flawed single player experience around what is a superb strategy game. You’ll probably know if you want to play this one, but if you just think medieval warfare is pretty cool and you really like the centuries where England and France just kept invading each other, I recommend you put aside any fears of fast clicking and micromanagement and just jumping in, just avoid that multiplayer menu until you are absolutely ready.
  • VGC – 80
    Newcomers may find it overwhelming, or slightly slow going in the early stages, but the campaign offers a great introduction to the genre, and the building blocks of Age of Empires. Don’t be surprised if you sit down to play a quick game, and then suddenly look at the clock to find that 3 hours have passed, your tea has gone cold, and the army that you’ve been meticulously building has been wiped by a garrison of archers you completely missed.
  • VG247 – 80
    Age of Empires 4 is as multifaceted as the events it depicts. It’s more ambitious than other AoE games in handling its content and inspirations, but also far more reserved in changing the fundamentals. There’s no need to change what works already, though a few additional gameplay flourishes could have helped AoE 4 feel more fresh and exciting. The campaigns are robust, but the missing content stands out in its absence. That’s especially true considering Age of Empires 4 is a full-priced release, though being on Game Pass makes it a more appealing prospect. What’s here is still more than enough to be getting on with, but lIke any good strategist, World’s Edge is planning ahead for the long game.
  • Worth Playing – 79
    It’s that safety in embracing the past that represents Age of Empires 4’s most obvious flaw. In many ways, it plays and feels like the game is simply Age of Empires 2 with a very well applied fresh coat of paint. Love letter or no, between the rough issues with the campaign and the reuse of the multiplayer, it feels more like a remaster of an older game than of a new entry into the series. It is not easy to please fans of the long-running franchise while also attempting to attract new ones to it, and Age of Empires 4 finds itself in a strange no-man’s land between those two goals.
  • PC Gamer – 77
    A worthy new entry in the legendary series that’s equal parts progressive and dated.
  • Screen Rant – 60
    While there is nothing especially groundbreaking about Age of Empires 4’s formula, it should manage to scratch a very particular nostalgic itch for fans and offer a starting point for beginners to begin their own journey through history.


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